Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bob Lobel: Tim Tebow, Johnny Football and the Return of the NFL

By Bob Lobel  @boblobel

Sometime it isn’t clear what the letters "NCAA" stand for. 

No Class At All?  Perhaps. That self-important, self-indulgent collection of wanna-be FBI-ers really often does stupid things.  Even when the things they do define stupidity. Johnny Football and Texas A&M were very dumb doing the autograph thing, but the college athletic police were even dumber.  It is a broken system being run by people that are self perpetuating their own lack of common sense.  

What's even more ridiculous is everyone involved with them knows it, yet simultaneously doesn’t have a clue. 

Enough on that.. Like shooting fish in a barrel. The NFL is here.  That league is amazing in its ability to run itself. Nobody can print money like they can. Number 5 Patriot Tebow jerseys probably out sold the jerseys with number 81 Hernandez that were returned after police arrested him. Now, neither number 5 or number 81 is on the team. Tebow jersey owners can claim they were duped, but that excuse has been already taken. Rolling Stone has hit the region pretty hard these past few months. This is one trial that people are in line to watch already. But hey, it's the NFL. 

The rights to televise this trial may be in the next network bidding package. In fact, with that statement, an idea arises that the NFL should dedicate a channel called “J." Everyone will know channel “J” will stand for NFL “j”ustice.  Feel free to use the idea.    

This is a very unique couple of weeks for the local 9. It has been a long long time since the set up of the schedule gives almost every game playoff implications. It’s a terrific starting rotation that has us all asking where will Clay Buckholz be pitching next year? 

By the way, where will Daniel Bard be next year? It seems like such a sad story.  I have asked many people around the ballpark the simple question of “how did this happen and who is to blame?” Most people that have no dog in the fight will say simply, “its Bard’s own fault, since he is the one that wanted to start.”  I guess that’s a good answer but it doesn’t solve anything.  What are the odds he comes back? I'm told its less than 25%. 

One more thing on the NFL!  Another year of growth for fantasy football and the NFL will make that their featured program of the weekend, and the games will just be built around the stats and information.

Let me clear that up. The fantasy becomes bigger than the real thing..  hum? Let's see… What else does that apply to, besides everything?

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steve marcus said...

Love the "rights to televise the trial " comment.