Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bob Lobel: Fixing the NFL and Jerry Remy Back to Work

By Bob Lobel  @boblobel

Kick it 40-plus yards for one, or run it from two yards out for two.  

That’s the NFL’s new proposed extra point degree of difficulty for the once automatic play. Don’t know what to do except try for two most every time. Looks like that’s what they want the teams to do, hoping to add more excitement to an extra point. 

Obviously, it does need something since most people use the extra point time to go to the bathroom in order to be back for a kickoff run back that rarely happens anymore either.  

Give us our game back! 

Like they would listen to anything other than TV ratings. 

Seriously, football needs to be careful of its overexposure and apathy in a league that has become all too predictable, and actually boring more often than not. That’s what has to be fixed. We need keener interest through fewer TV games. Everyone wants more games on TV, but it comes with a price. The price has yet to be realized, since fantasy leagues and betting carry the day.

More and more frequently players are having run ins with the law. Jail time is a bigger stat than YAC (yards after catch). The officials need to start wearing solid colors because so many players are in stripes.  

And finally, when is the league going to find an answer for their heinous defensive interference rule. It is any sport's harshest penalty for the most difficult of plays, defending against the pass.  There are answers to this problem if only they would be addressed. 

But enough of that, The Bruins face an interesting dilemma: Get another defenseman and hopefully increase their already excellent chances to make another Cup run, or hang in with what they have and  take a shot. They are a contender, but Rask needs help. This isn’t Tim Thomas miracle on ice time. 

Far from it. 

How far is the question. Another defenseman of any worthwhile caliber would really help Tuukka.  So would a solid back up, but we may be asking too much. Take your shot, cause they are tough enough and physical enough to win. Then again, they are not going to sneak up on anybody like their last Cup run.

There ought to be some words or encouragement and praise for Jerry Remy. Under the most difficult, awkward, and pressure packed situation, he got back in the booth and successfully got through his first test. That will be a continuous challenge since, at the time of his son’s crime, it was made clear that there was more to come out. 

When and if that happens, along with the nature of the information, will go a long way toward his personal healing if he continues on this path. It still amazes me that callers to sports talk shows have issue with him being there at all. It’s as if some people are incapable of any empathy for those hurt by the collateral damage of terrible events. 

Based on what I know today, I can only wish him well and be happy that he has a place where he can gain some peace from the events that are sure to continue hurting in an unrelenting way.  

Finally, Koji is back, and for now, it’s news from spring training that’s as good as it gets.

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