Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Midweek #HotSportsTakes

Find out what our editors think of LeBron's goofy-masked 61 points, and the other big stories of the week.
By Joe Parello (@HerewegoJoe) and Jeremy Conlin (@jeremy_conlin)

Midweek #HotSportsTakes is a new weekly segment here on SuiteSports, where we will offer shallow and somewhat incendiary analysis on random hot-button sports topics of the day.

But hell, we may get sick of this after a week or two, so who knows if it will last. In the mean time, here are our thoughts on a few things floating around the sports world.

Ed. Note: Jeremy wimped out and wouldn't talk hockey, Jim Harbaugh being a sociopath or adorable huskies racing in the Iditarod. Don't worry, Joe's got you covered.

On The NFL's Proposed 42-yard extra point

JP: I have a feeling that the "when to go for two" argument is going to become a lot clearer...

JC: Why 42 yards? Why not 41 yards? Or 40 yards? Or literally any other distance? How did they decide on 42? And why do we need to move the extra point in the first place? Also, do they not realize that they’re creating a scenario in which a kick from 42 yards is worth one point and a kick from 19 yards is worth three points? That’s stupid. 
On Brett Favre's New Look

JP: I wonder if he's wearing Crocs.

JC: His comeback attempts are over, but now it looks like he’s auditioning for “Santa Clause 4: Santa Gets Ripped And Fights Crime.” Or maybe he’s just doing it so he doesn’t look as much like Brett Favre anymore so he doesn’t have to feel ashamed that the only job in football he can get right now is the offensive coordinator for a middling Mississippi high school football team.

On the New York Knicks

JP: The Knicks have made me feel two things I never thought I'd feel this year. 1. Joy over a team playing zero defense and chucking up bad shots and 2. Sympathy for Carmelo Anthony.

JC: This team is absolute garbage. The only time they’ve played well all season was done accidentally – when injuries forced them to play small.

CAA *owns* the Knicks. They represent Carmelo, and they also represent Mike Woodson, so the Knicks can’t fire Mike Woodson out of fear that they’d lose Carmelo this summer. That’s the story of the Knicks’s season. They care more about making money than winning basketball games. They will never win a title as long as Jim Dolan is calling the shots. Never.

On LeBron Dropping 61

JP: Yeah, but Kobe did it WITHOUT the mask. RINGZ!!!

JC: Carmelo dropped 62 against the same defense earlier this year, so LeBron isn’t exactly winning anything. Besides, Kobe scored 62 IN THREE QUARTERS against the Mavericks once. Wake me up when LeBron actually does something noteworthy

On the NFL Salary Cap Rising Significantly

JP: It does ensure that 34-year old Josh McCown will get waaaaayyy too much money from the Jets, Browns or Raiders, further saddling said franchise with dead money, not solving its quarterback problem and making it horribly unappealing to any free agents that could actually help.

Wait, that was gonna happen anyway. Maybe this extra money will take some of the sting out.

JC: - It’s a multi-billion dollar industry! Why do they need a salary cap in the first place? This is America, last I checked. Teams should be able to spend as much money as they want.

- The NFL is going to kill parity if they keep raising the salary cap, and parity is what has made the NFL the most profitable sport in the world over the last 20 years. You can raise the salary cap as high as you want, but before long, American football is going to turn into that other kind of football – the kind that goes broke in the United States.

On the NHL Trade Deadline

JP: Roberto Luongo, the 2nd most popular goalie in Florida Panthers history (behind THE BEEZER!) is back in SoFla, and the Blues went all-in to get goalie Ryan Miller. It's not even done yet, and this is 10x better than the NBA Trade Deadline.

On Wichita State's Undefeated Regular Season

JP: Yeah, but they would have gone like 9-3 if they played football in the SEC.

JC: I’m pretty sure Syracuse and Kansas and Florida and Arizona and Duke could go undefeated too if they played a cupcake schedule like Wichita State. Guess how many ranked teams Wichita State has played this season? ZERO. NONE. Not even one. Florida has played five. Duke has played six. Syracuse has played seven. Kansas has played ten. Wichita State deserves a No. 4 seed in the tournament, nothing higher.

On Jim Harbaugh Being an Unlikable Sociopath… That Wins Football Games

JP: If only he were a nicer guy, like Wade Phillips, then San Francisco would go all the way.

On the 2014 Iditarod

JP: Look at their pup shoes!

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