Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Coming Soon: March Mascot Melee™

By SuiteSports Staff

Have you ever wondered which of the NFL's bird mascots is the toughest?

How about if a New Jersey Devil could defeat a Tennessee Titan?

Ok, chances are you've never given this too much thought, but the folks that brought you last year's March Man Crush tournament are here to sort out these questions, and more, with March Mascot Melee™!

Ed Note: We did not actually trademark that term.

Starting Monday, editors Jeremy Conlin and Joe Parello will sort through a tournament comprised of the fiercest mascots in the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB to determine which mascot would totally kick all the others' butts in a fight.

The Methodology

16 mascots from each sport will duke it out in their own respective brackets until we are left with four mascots standing. Joe will handle the NFL and MLB, while Jeremy is taking the NBA and NHL. The arguments begin when we hit the Final Four and each has to make a case for which mascot they think is the most bad ass.

So, be sure to check back Monday for the beginning of March Mascot Melee™, and see if your favorite team has what it takes (in the minds of two random dudes).

Also, be on the look out for Dumb College Mascot Melee™, where Jeremy and Joe will determine which NCAA mascot is the best/worst. That will be coming some time later this month, if we actually still have the energy to do it.

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