Thursday, April 3, 2014

Midweek #HotSportsTakes: Wrestling, Anyone?

If you love hot dog skin and bandanas, tune into Wrestlemania and watch the Hulkster!
By Joe Parello (@HerewegoJoe)

Midweek #HotSportsTakes is a new weekly segment here on SuiteSports, where we will offer shallow and somewhat incendiary analysis on random hot-button sports topics of the day.

On Wrestlemania This Sunday-

I know Hulk Hogan will be there, and I'm pretty sure we won't have to watch another Rock-Cena match. I suppose those are two pretty good reasons to tune in, but I'm going to wait until next year, after I convince my wife to let me get WWE Network.

On UConn and Kentucky Making Final Four Runs-

We knew both these teams had talent, especially Kentucky, and both were given relatively user-friendly brackets. Just like everything else that killed your bracket, it totally made sense after the fact.

On the Eagles Cutting, then the Redskins Signing DeSean Jackson-

It seems like his act had gotten stale in Philly, and Chip Kelly probably feels like he could turn an intramural team into a Top-10 offense. That being said, I actually like the signing for Washington. If RGIII is even close to his 2012 self, plus Alfred Morris and Pierre Garcon continue to improve, there is going to be a ton of speed and skill on the field in DC.

On Northwestern Football Players Being Named "Employees" of the School-

Oh come on, like Northwestern ever made money off football.

On the Knicks Surging Toward a Playoff Berth-

I guess that Phil Jackson signing wasn't so dumb after all, was it? Zen Master ftw!

On the Bruins' Cup Chances-

The B's seem to have Montreal's number lately, and the Penguins are enduring their yearly rash of injuries just before playoff time. With a weak and battered East, Boston should at least get back to the Cup finals. From there, who knows?

On the McDonald's All American Game-

I was very excited to see all the kids that will soon play at Kentucky, North Carolina and Duke for one season. Really a quality exhibition.

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