Monday, November 24, 2014

Lobel's Question of the Week: A Gray Area for Discipline

Every week, legendary sportscaster Bob Lobel wants to hear your opinion on something that caught his eye over the weekend.

After an explosive debut in which he rushed for 200 yards and four touchdowns against the Indianapolis Colts, Jonas Gray didn't play of down of New England's next game against the vaunted Lions defense.


Because he was tardy.

Gray showed up late for Friday's practice and was held out of work that day. Then, the Pontiac, Michigan native didn't see any action Sunday against his hometown Lions.

It doesn't take a brilliant investigator to deduce that Gray was held out of both Friday's practice and Sunday's game by coach Bill Belichick because he was late. It's pretty much the most Belichick-ean thing ever, really, because his discipline and ability to mess with fantasy owners via running backs all came together in one event.

But does it help the Patriots win? Or, is it an antiquated, "old school" approach that rubs this generation of players the wrong way? Let us know your opinion.

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BC said...

At BB's root is a military mindset. It's hard to argue with success.

Anonymous said...

Too bad show up for your job,less partying celebrating 200 yards gained.Wake up Gray!