Monday, January 19, 2015

Lobel's Question of the Week: Belichick's Job for Life?

Every week, legendary sportscaster Bob Lobel wants to hear your opinion on something that caught his eye over the weekend.

Supreme Court Justices, The Pope and… Bill Belichick?

Well, ok, Bill may not officially have the Patriots' coaching job for life, but it sure would be hard to see him losing it any time soon.

Even if the Pats lost a heart breaker the way Green Bay did yesterday, you likely wouldn't even begin to hear rumblings about Belichick's job status.

So what would it take for New England to part ways with Bill Belichick?

Multiple big playoff losses? Multiple non-playoff seasons? A scandal involving the theft of the largest hoodie warehouse in the Northeast? None of the above?

Speaking of that Green Bay meltdown, this factoid comes courtesy of our very own Andy Dougherty.

"Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was picked off each of the first four times he targeted Jermaine Kearse," Andy said. "Then, in overtime, they connected for the touchdown that brought Seattle to the Super Bowl. You can't make a much bigger turnaround than that."

Indeed it was a big turnaround for Seattle, but also a let down for Green Bay. We've seen some playoff let downs around here but, like I said, it would seem to take a lot more than that for Bill Belichick to lose his job.

So now I'm asking you, what would it take for Robert Kraft to send BB packing? The unraveling of the NFL's longest-running dynasty? Not being able to win another big one? An actual crime?

Let me know what you think by participating in our poll here.

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