Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bob Lobel: Post-Parade Depression in New England

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

This is no laughing matter. 

Record snowfalls are the price we are supposed to pay for one more Super Bowl title? I'm not sure I want to make that deal.

I would have prior to title number four, but this pay back wasn’t spelled out. I know Boston Strong is the battle cry, but now I just cry. 

First tears from witnessing the greatest individual sports moment we own, then tears of the reminder that we live here, and what's worse, apparently choose to. Much talk fodder for the radio nation, but even that fades away.

Two losses to Montreal will do that. This will be the subject de jour for as long as the Bruins are in it. When they drop out, we drop out. But, for now, sprinkled with some Red Sox rotation issues, the Bruins will get us until the melting of the snow. 

The other professional team that is dangerously close to making everyone crazy are the Celtics.  

One bad team amongst a league full of bad to mediocre, and the Celtics are so close to making the playoffs, thus solidifying exactly what they need, a draft pick outside the lottery. Don’t you really think that friends of Brad Stevens are urging him to go back to college where people really care? 

That’s what I would tell him. So, welcome to the post-parade depression. 

This is the conversation when we have nothing on the horizon at the moment. It is a chance to clean up old complaints, so I present the following:  Sports talk show radio should absolutely ban two subjects that won't go away. One, is the discussion of contracts, salaries and salary caps. 

Enough of this foolishness. Stop passing yourself off as expert on economics. No one cares. Get it? The other mandatory ban for callers who initiate this stuff, because there is not a lot else to talk about, is “proposed trades."  

You might as well set your hair on fire, because most callers are oblivious to all the stuff that goes into make these deals happen. And finally, if baseball is hell bent on speeding up their game, then prove it by getting us to April as fast as you possibly can.

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