Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lobel's Question of the Week: Should I Have Gone to New York?

Every week, legendary sportscaster Bob Lobel wants to hear your opinion about a sports question he's been thinking about.

This week Bob would like to hear what you think about his decision to not join CBS in New York, and instead stay with WBZ in Boston 30 years ago. As he covered in his blog last week, this move made way for Jim Nantz to become one of the biggest personalities in media. I'll let Bob take it away from here. -Ed.

Yes, this is all  about me and fork in the road decisions. 

Of course I am interested to hear your response or judgement. Unlike Jack Black in Tropic Thunder, who begged not to be judged, go ahead and judge away. 

Why this self-serving subject now? Because it’s the only time I think about the ”what if” parts that we all seem to hold on to for some sadistic reason. 

It is now because last week started with the Final Four and ended with the Masters. Jim Nantz has my chair. He's pretty good at the connection he makes with  the TV audience. He knows his stuff and has refined his talent into a major league delivery that would be good to emulate. 

I say that Jim Nantz is perfect as a vanilla announcer for the network delivery, and I mean it as a compliment. So why was he in my chair all last week?  Basically I stood up and he filled the vacancy. But did I make the right decision?

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Unknown said...

There's no place you can be that isn't where you're meant to be. Bob.