Friday, May 22, 2015

Bob Lobel: The End of "Too Good to be True" Tom?

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

What or who do you that know qualifies as the elusive “too good to be true”?

I won't waste your time by nominating Tom Brady. It's not a happy place right now. You think it is, but it's not. Let's start by trying to find the ways you can break the rules in the National Football League- 

Murder, domestic violence, stomping your foot down on an opposing player, stealing signals or disrupting on-field communications are starters. It's not easy to figure out how to break the rules with mayhem in mind. 

The game police in stripes and whistles have replays at their disposal to help keep the game on the up and up. Gambling is of course a big element in the popularity of the game. Fantasy leagues are money makers, or money losers depending on being in the right place at the right time, and making the right decisions. 

Ok football fans, let's find some other ways the players can screw up the level playing field. 

I cannot actually believe the NFL allowed the quarterbacks to select their game footballs, which automatically makes them anything but standard. So “too good to be true” meets the slippery slope of hot air and preferred footballs. Let's just stop defending Mr. "Too Good" since we really don’t know if he did bend the rules to work to the advantage of his team.  

Lets take a look at the suspect in this CSI/PSI debacle. This is not the same Tom Brady that was on the sideline when Drew Bledsoe was hurt. Somebody had to go in and it was our Tom. A young, handsome, talented leader and competitor that translated his skills into a big time Super Bowl upset of the 14-point favorite Rams. 

Our Tom was launched. He was smooth, smart and Hollywood quality. 

Politics were already being mentioned as his after football occupation. 

Jumping ahead 15 or so years, it's obvious he can be elected in Massachusetts, and probably no where else. Why no where else? His coach, owner and team are all very disliked, simply because of their constant run or success. The theory now comes to the combination of all of the above, add a couple  of beautiful and wealthy women and Mr. “Too Good to be True” has maintained his profile. 

Until now, I guess! 

It is becoming more and more likely that he did not deal with his owner and his coach in a transparent way. Knowing him, as we do, it's easy to say he did this because of an entitlement that just becomes normal behavior after so much success, adulation and wealth. It is so realistic for that entitlement to enable behavior that never was possible for a kid standing on the sidelines. 

So there, let's just say he did this dastardly deed to try to increase his team's chances of winning. I guess when I'm rooting for a team I want them to do whatever it takes to win. If you get caught, oops!  

Is that what happened? Does rain really fall on everyone in life at one time or another? Tom Brady is still in charge… He can just retire. 

Say thanks and enjoy your petty and totally bogus system of judgement and punishment. Your owner seems to have left you twisting in the wind and your coach has apparently gone underground. You're kind of on your own now, Tom. 

The team you're working against now seems to be so disoriented because of their entitlement. The NFL, with 32 wealthy owners making up a more select club than the US Senate. These 32 don’t really seem to have a clue as to what FOX News calls “fair and balanced.” 

Leadership and wisdom are much needed commodities with these bozos. Money put them where they are. Brady had some different qualifications that got him his entitlement. There is so much temptation to say this is the dumbest gotcha ever. 

He probably did something at some degree of illegality. We are about to find out. The real issue will be not the left over stink of “too good to be true.” What will be left over is the way the league took domestic violence, personal violence in games and concussions off the radar and replaced them with letting out some gas.

They are about to sacrifice the face of the league. For all these years, the NFL seemed to be the standard of excellence for sports in America. So much popularity seems to be destructive by nature.

Both sides can own that.


Anonymous said...

"It is becoming more and more likely that he did not deal with his owner and his coach in a transparent way." Based on???? Borges??? Thanks for the hard hitting journalism.

Unknown said...

I guess Tommy boy won't play till he is 45 or will he?Bob politics could be in his future only in the Bay State.He also has a yearning for TV,Movies he is in Ted Two.His connection to Bridget Neilson.could land him on Blue Bloods his pal Mark Wahlburg is the brother of Donny Wahlburg star of Blue Bloods.I may be on to something here,hmmmmmmm.Jack Graham.