Friday, May 22, 2015

CMass Lax All-Stars and Award Winners Watch List 2015

Sophomore middie Kyle Laforge has emerged as one of the region's best players for Tyngsboro this season.
 By Joe Parello (@HerewegoJoe)

The regular season is nearly through, so now seems like as good a time as any to present you with my Central Mass All-Star watch list.

Both the regular season and the postseason will be taken into account in my final All-Star team, so much is still to be determined. But, these are the guys that I'm looking at right now.

If you would like to nominate a player, just leave their name, school, class and position in the comments. Or, you can email your suggestions to me at

Or heck, you can just tweet me.

Anyways, here are the guys on my watch list by position, they are sorted alphabetically by their school. The bottom also includes my nominees for Offensive Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Player of the Year and Breakout Player of the Year.

Obviously, the playoffs will have a dramatic impact on the team and those awards.

Oh, and if I have anything wrong (position, name spelling, etc), feel free to correct me in the comments section as well.


Matt Larsen, Algonquin
Zach Skowronek, Algonquin
Alex Sabel, Algonquin
Mitch Blasco, Assabet
Cole Fontana, Grafton
Hunter Fraser, Grafton
Chase Kapuscienski, Grafton
Nick Irby, Groton-Dunstable
Noah Luccini, Hopedale
Cam Moran, Leominster
Griffin Shoemaker, Littleton
Billy Doherty, Marlboro
Ryan Mechler, Marlboro
Eric Demmer, Nashoba
Matthew Deluca, Northbridge
Brendan Morganelli, Northbridge

Tristan Pietz, Shepherd Hill
Joe Buduo, Shrewsbury
Matt Ward, Shrewsbury
Curtiss Vachon, St. Bernard's
Nick Bagley, St. Bernard's
Parker Jean, St. John's
Jared Ward, St. John's
Mike Frio, Tantasqua
Anthony Law, Tantasqua
Nick Foley, Tyngsboro
Russ Gillis, Tyngsboro
Trevor McNamara, Westboro
Jack Pierce, Westboro
James Bowler, Worcester
Quinn Robert, Worcester


Paul Luongo, Algonquin
Mike Martens, Algonquin (FO)

Justin Stassi, Algonquin
Mike Tascione, Algonquin (LSM)
Anthony D'Angelo, Grafton
Evan Johnston, Grafton

Matt O'Brien, Grafton (FO)
Zach Cotoni, Groton-Dunstable
J.D. Waswill, Hopedale

Trevor Wilson, Hopedale
Casey Elkins, Nashoba
Chandler Brooks, Northbridge

Devin Pietz, Shepherd Hill
Chris Campbell, Shrewsbury (LSM)
Casey Campanale, Shrewsbury
Jack Campanale, Shrewsbury
Brayden Carroll, Shrewsbury
Derick Tinsley, Shrewsbury
Zach Bingham, St. Bernard's
Andrew Cox, St. John's

Brendan Doherty, St. John's (LSM)
Drew Kozub, St. John's
Andrew Tichy, Tantasqua
Austin Coene, Tyngsboro
Kyle Laforge, Tyngsboro
Brian Boulette, Wachusett
Charlie Katz, Westboro
Jake Foster, Westboro

Jack McGrail, Worcester (LSM)
Sean Racine, Worcester


Stu Bleck, Algonquin
Paul Nardone, Algonquin
Youki  Azuma, Grafton

Dan Bartosiewicz, Grafton
Tom Nicalek, Grafton
Shane Dawson, Groton-Dunstable

Connor Skinner, Leominster
Kraig Arsenalut, Nashoba
Kurt Arsenault, Nashoba
Patrick Ducey, Northbridge
Chandler Couture, Shrewsbury
Tim Hally, Shrewsbury
Sean Travers, Shrewsbury
Jack Coveney, St. John's
John DeFlumeri, St. John's

Zach O'Brien, Tantasqua
Kevin Butler, Tyngsboro
Ryan Richardson, Tyngsboro

Dave Walker, Tyngsboro
Stephen Falvey, Westboro

C.J. Gallagher, Worcester


Colton King, Algonquin
Cadrin Msumba, Grafton

Matt Nicalek, Grafton
P.J. Kendall, Groton-Dunstable
Derek Houde, Leominster
Robbie Atwood, Nashoba
Kyle Smith, Northbridge
J.T. Rothera, Shrewsbury
Hunter Gaither, St. John's
Jared Mesick, Tantasqua
Dan Powers, Tyngsboro
Jeff Bernard, Westboro
Sean Moran, Worcester

Offensive Player of the Year Watch List:

Mitch Blasco, Assabet (A)
Chase Kapuscienski, Grafton (A)
Billy Doherty, Marlboro (A)
Joe Buduo, Shrewsbury (A)
Curtiss Vachon, St. Bernard's (A)
Jared Ward, St. John's (A)
Mike Frio, Tantasqua (A)
Kyle Laforge, Tyngsboro (M)
Jake Foster, Westboro (A/M)
James Bowler, Worcester (A)

Defensive Player of the Year Watch List:

Stu Bleck, Algonquin (D)
Colton King, Algonquin (G)
Patrick Ducey, Northbridge (D)
Tim Hally, Shrewsbury (D)
J.T. Rothera, Shrewsbury (G)
John DeFlumeri, St. John's (D)
Sean Moran, Worcester (G)

Player of the Year Watch List:

Colton King, Algonquin (G)
Mike Martens, Algonquin (M)
Joe Buduo, Shrewsbury (A)
Tim Hally, Shrewsbury (D)
Jared Ward, St. John's (A)
Kyle Laforge, Tyngsboro (M)
Jake Foster, Westboro (A/M)
James Bowler, Worcester (A)

Breakout Player of the Year Watch List:

Mike Martens, Algonquin (M)
Anthony D'Angelo, Grafton (M)

Noah Luccini, Hopedale (A)
J.T. Rothera, Shrewsbury (G)
Mike Frio, Tantasqua (A)
Kyle Laforge, Tyngsboro (M)


Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,

Impressive list of players and all deserving. Wondering if Matt O'Brien of Grafton should be on the mid-field list of players. He plays with passion, never gives up, and is a very tough on face-offs.

Anonymous said...

Mike Frio (Tantasqua)should be on the attack list. Zack O'Brien (Tantasqua)should be considered for the defense list as he has held some of the best attackmen in Central Mass to very limited contributions if anything at all.

Anonymous said...

Matt O' Brien is one of players with an incredible work ethic. Face off's, playing with an edge, taking all kinds of shots to the head. If you have not seen him play, do so and he will be on the list for sure.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the articles and insight on the C-Mass Lax programs Joe, your hard work is appreciated!

Anonymous said...

I will second that as well. Thank you Joe for actually noticing there is good lacrosse in Central Mass. We tend to get lost in the shuffle between Eastern and Western Mass.

Joe Parello said...

No worries guys, and thanks for the suggestions. I was scared for a minute that I left Frio off the list, lol, and I definitely need some help with D-Poles and FOGOs. I only get to see so many games, and those ones are tough to gauge if you aren't actively watching them. I'll be reaching out to coaches for help with the final list as well when the time comes.

Anonymous said...

Joe, who are your top goalies? Looking at your list it seems as though you listed all of the cmass goalies without narrowing it down your actual list of all stars.

Joe Parello said...

Haha, there are a lot of goalies, aren't there. Like the past two years, the region has had a bunch of really good goalies, and I've wanted to keep most of the top ones in mind heading into the playoffs before I start making cuts. Right now Colton King is standing out, but Rothera, Msumba and Moran aren't that far behind. Atwood is a heck of a player, but a brutal schedule has hurt his numbers, and I haven't gotten to watch guys like Mesick, Houde or Smith, but their numbers were comparable to guys I've seen and liked. All in all, the list will get cut down to six guys after the playoffs, and those four guys I mentioned way above all seem in line for a spot. But, that can always change if Tantasqua, G-D (P.J. Kendall has come on strong as well lately) or Tyngsboro make a deep run.

Anonymous said...

Agree with most of the list, but take a look at #4 Justin Stassi from Algonquin. Midfielder with the wheels on that team. Plays primarily as a Defensive Midfielder, not selfish and never gives up. Should be recognized!

Anonymous said...

agree with list .. follow central mass lax pretty closely … been to a lot of games . shep hill has a bright future ( saw game last night ) devin pietz has helped the team and moved to midfield this year. still has over 60+ points younger brother is freshman attack with over 50 points on season .. future is bright for that team as they start 5 frosh, 2 sophomores and 2 juniors . tantasqua is having a great year .. Frio is solid .. and has bright future.their goalie is excellent .. name ?

Anonymous said...

tantasquas goalie is there ,, mesick ,, good player . . that freshman attack for shep hill should be on the list . any freshman that plays like that and puts up over 50 points should be recognized and play the schedule they have .
( they still have 3 games left according to hometeam)

Anonymous said...

Matt Nicalek is better than Msumba

Matt Nicalek said...

I'm not better than Msumba hahaha I had one good game when he was sick

Anonymous said...

Nick Nack is the best Freshman goalie in cmass

Anonymous said...

That's the way she goes

Anonymous said...

St. John's Long Stick Middie is the best in CMass

Anonymous said...

Algonquin FOGO Mike Martens is top in cmass has dominated every game from the X

Anonymous said...

O'Brian from Grafton more than held his own against Algonquin's face off specialist

Anonymous said...

Joe: Keep an eye out for the defenseman on Grafton Danny Bartosiewicz. In the Algonquin game was a shut down player. The fogo for Wachusett is pretty good as well. His name is Deion. Not sure of his last name

Anonymous said...

Close D. from worcester C.J. Gallagher rewriting the position

Anonymous said...

St John's dominated O'Brian at the face off x in a 10-0 win. Rocco has won consisntetly at the X all year and been a solid D mid and ground ball man

Anonymous said...

That freshman attack man from shep should be here. Outstanding for a freshman to put up 50+. And goalie from Hopedale should be there too. Think he's a freshman too, had a couple monster games

Anonymous said...

Can all these Dads please stop vouching for their sons

Anonymous said...

Gallagher from worcester combined has unreal points as a pole. That kid can play!

Anonymous said...

Mike Martens is the best face off guy in the entire state. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Martins is an animal at the faceoff X and Doherty of SJ is the best LSM in central mass, no one comes close to him

Anonymous said...

Defensemen from tyngsboro Kevin butler just a sophomore and just a little guy but he can throw some crazy stick checks and is just a great defenseman

Anonymous said...

Algonquin LSM Mike Tascione has been great for them. He's done great on every Midfield matchup he's had and controls the ball better then any LSM in cmass

Anonymous said...

I second for Gonk LSM Mike Tascione. One of the best in central mass for sure

Anonymous said...

Tristan Pietz . Attack from Shepherd Hill. He is only a freshman coming into a new Midwatch league and putting up big numbers.

Anonymous said...

I would add close D Connor Skinner of Leominster. #15 6'3" and fast, great cover defender, takes face offs occasionally, hasn't missed a game already over 100 GBs this year and very few penalties. Junior.

Anonymous said...

Grafton's goalies aren't that impressive. The defense does a tremendous job at creating few quality scoring opportunities. Any goalie could look "good" in that system.