Sunday, June 14, 2015

2015 Central Mass All Star Game Rosters Announced

Poles Stu Bleck (3) and Paul Nardone (5) will each represent Algonquin in the senior All Star game Monday.
By Joe Parello (@HerewegoJoe)

The Central Mass lacrosse All Star games will be played Monday night at Nashoba Regional High School. The first game will feature the top underclassmen players in the region, and will begin at 5:30 pm. In the late game, the region's top seniors will do battle at 7 pm.

Nashoba coach Kevin McNamara was kind enough to share the game's rosters with me, so you can check out which players will be participating in both the senior and underclassmen All Star games below.

Note that these rosters are not complete, and may be missing a player's class, position or college choice, and that each college choice listed does not mean that player is playing lacrosse at that school. Some of them obviously are. Also note that, while they have been selected to participate, players from Grafton will not be in attendance. They have a Division 3 state semifinal to play that night, and we'll have a preview of that game coming for you as well.

As for teams, the battle lines are (generally) drawn at I-290 and the region has been split into North and South squads. Here are the schools that make up both sides.

North– AMSA, Bromfield, Fitchburg, Groton-Dunstable, Hudson, Leominster, Littleton, Lunenburg, Nashoba, North Middlesex, Oakmont, Shrewsbury, St. Bernards, Tantasqua,  Tyngsboro, Wachusett

South- Algonquin, Grafton, Hopedale, Marlboro, Nipmuc, Northbridge, Shepherd Hill, St. Peter-Marian, St. John’s, Westboro, Worcester

Now, without further ado, here are the rosters for the 2015 Central Mass Lacrosse All Star games.

Senior Game

Stu Bleck, D, Clark University
Matt Larsen, A, Wentworth Institute of Technology
Paul Luongo, M, Plymouth State University
Paul Nardone, D, Bowdoin College
Alex Sabel, M/A, Providence College

AMSA Charter
Alex Fricker, M/A, UMass Lowell
Luigi Tinoco, D, Framingham State
Mitchell Lombardo, M, Mount Wachusett CC (Prep Year)

Chuck Mednieks, D, UMass Amherst
Nick Robinson, M, Northeastern
Matt Lalli, LSM, Johnson and Wales
Ryan Ashe, M, George Washington

Youki Azuma, D
Evan Johnston, M, Maryland
Tom Flynn, LSM
Connor  Evans, D

Zach Cotoni, A/M, Davis and Elkins College
PJ Kendall, G, St. Anselm College
Ryan Heinser, M, Benedictine College
Paul Leonardo, A, UMass Lowell

Tyler Casey, M, UMass Lowell
Jesse Gould, M, UMass Amherst

Derek Houde, G, USMC
Tyler Cuddahy, M, WNEC
Shane Crayton, M, WNEC
Tom O'Leary, M, WNEC

Nic Hudson, A
David Peterson, M, UMass Lowell
Jack Hambelton, M, Syracuse
Ned Gruskowski, D, Stonehill

Max Corbett

Billy Doherty, A, Quinnipiac
Isaiah Washington, M, Post University
James Singletary, D, Nichols
Matt Noyst, M, UMass Dartmouth

Kraig Aresenault, D,Wentworth Institute of Technology   
Kurt Arsenault, D, Wentworth Institute of Technology   
Ben Hurley, D, Mass Maritime Academy
Casey Elkins, M, Plymouth State
Eric Demmer, A, UMass amherst

Pat Carey, M, Elon University
Jake Hess, M, US Marines
Kyle Mcgreal, LSM, UMass Amherst
Charlie Ciantra, D, UMass Amherst

North Middlesex
Ryan McCarthy, D, Quinnipiac University
Tyler Zech, M, Franklin Pierce University
Cam Clermont, LSM, Mount Wachusett Community College

Patrick Ducey, D, Syracuse University
Dan Reynolds, M, Embry Riddle University

Jeff Correia, A, New Hampshire
Matt Garofano, A, Westfield State
Chaz Smith, D, Worcester State

Joe Buduo, A, Lenoir-Rhyne
Tim Hally, D, Assumption
Alex Chin, M, Denison
Derick Tinsley, M, Merrimack

St. John's (Shrewsbury)
Jared Ward, A, WNEC
Brendan  Doherty, LSM, Kenyon
John  DeFlumeri, D, UMass Amherst

St. Peter-Marian
Connor Germain, M/A, Manhattan
Ryan Robichaud, D, Worcester State
Dante Brindisi, M/A, Salem State

Andrew Tichy, M, Bowdoin College
Jared Mesick, G, US Navy


Austin Coene, M, Roger Williams
David Walker, D, UMass Amherst
Nicholas Foley, A, Middlesex Community College
Zachary Martin, M, Daniel Webster College

Dan Diggins, D, Sacred Heart University
Zach LaPosta, A, Fairfield University
Cody Dickinson, M, New England Technical Institute
Brian Boulette, A, Quinsigamond Community College
Jeff Wlodarczak, LSM, UMass Dartmouth

Hackeem Abrahams, D
Stephen Falvey  
Jake Foster, A/M, Hartford
Jack Pierce, A, Clark University


Sean Moran, G, Westfield State
James Bowler, A, UMass Amherst
Sean Racine, M, UMass Boston
Jackson McGrail, LSM, UMass Amherst

Underclassmen Game

Mike Martens, M/FO, 2016
Colton King, G, 2016
Mike Tascione, LSM/D   2016

AMSA Charter
Sam Mahler, G, 2016
Ian McCarthy, A, 2016
Griffin Hauben, D, 2017 

Ross MacMahon, A, 2017
Avery Nasworthy, G, 2017
Richie Planchet, D, 2016
Luke Karis, M, 2016

Chase Kapuscienski, A, 2016 
Matt O’Brien, M, 2016
Anthony D’Angelo
Cadrin   Msumba, G, 2016

Ryan Dodge, A, 2016
Shane Dawson, D, 2016
Owen Torgerson, M, 2016
Nick Irby, A, 2016


Noah Luccini, A, 2016
Trevor Wilson, A, 2016
Michael Foley, LSM, 2016
JD  Waswill, A, 2017

Adam Cariveau, A, 2016
Luc Bernier, A, 2016
Guiseppe Caputo, D, 2016

Connor Skinner, D, 2016
Cam Moran, M, 2016
John Doherty, LSM, 2018
Ross Howlett, A, 2018

Anthony Rausa, M, 2017
Ben Church, D, 2016
Griffin Shoemaker, A, 2017
Cam Shoemaker, LSM, 2017

Dylan Riley, 2016
Bobby Leon, 2016
Dustin Powell, 2016

Jason Plaunt, A  
Brian Powell, D
Evan Doherty, M

Dan Kline, D, 2016
Robby Atwood, G, 2016
Mike Czekanski, M, 2016
Robert Braceland, A, 2016

Ryan Richards, M, 2017
Brandon Lefebvre, D, 2017
Drew Cannistraro, G, 2016

North Middlesex
Kory Patridge, A/M, 2017
Corey Dasilva, A, 2016
Justin Estrella, A/M, 2016
Dale Wilkins, D/LSM, 2016 


Matthew Deluca, A, 2016
Chandler Brooks, M, 2016
Brendan Morganelli, A, 2017

Nate McCartney, M, 2016
Zachary Rouisse, D, 2016
Jarrod Moeckal, A, 2017

Shepherd Hill
Devin Pietz, M, 2016
Tristan Pietz, A, 2018
Jake  Zablocki, M, 2017  
Ben Dacey –Render, G, 2018  

Matt Ward, A, 2017
Chris Campbell, LSM, 2018
Chandler Couture, D, 2016

St. John's (Shrewsbury)
Andrew Cox, M, 2016
Hunter  Gaither, G, 2016
Dawson Richie, M, 2016
Drew Kozub, A, 2017

St. Peter-Marian
Liam Perry, G, 2016
Brandon Flamond, D, 2016
Tyler Kontulis, LSM, 2018

St. Bernard’s

Curtiss Vachon, A, 2016
Zach Bingham, M/A, 2016
Nick Bagley, A, 2018 

Zack O’Brien, D, 2016
Michael Frio, A, 2017
Anthony Law, A, 2017
Tom Muir, M, 2018

Kyle Laforge, M, 2017
Russ Gillis, A, 2016
Dan Powers, G 

Peter Baird, D, 2016
Jack Spakauskas, D, 2016
Dion Dixon, M/FO, 2016

Trevor McNamara, A, 2017
Charlie  Katz, M, 2016
Max McGourty, M, 2016

CJ Gallagher, D, 2017
Joe Arsenault, D, 2016
Quinn Robert, A, 2016


Anonymous said...

Spelling errors for some of the westborough players. Stephen Falvey (senior Game) and Max Mcgourty (Underclassman game)

Joe Parello said...

Sorry, I should have caught those. Fixed now. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

No Long Pole underclassmen from Grafton???

Anonymous said...

No Techical schools in the All-Star game?

Anonymous said...

Missing year and position for Westboro
Max 2016 - M
Charlie 2016 - M
Trevor 2017 - A

Anonymous said...

Joe. Nice right up on the Grafton/Greylock game. Almost as good as the Algonquin/Longmeadow game. Guess D3 Central/West doesn't cut it

Anonymous said...

Tantasqua...NORTH???? Yikes, they commute to NYC

Anonymous said...

BSaint Peter Marian Colleges
Connor: Manhattan College
Dante: Salem State University
Ryan: Worcester State

Anonymous said...

All love and respect for Grafton for being the last CMass team in the playoffs. Beat those North Shore blue bloods!

That being said, the Telegram Guy (Sunderland?) is out of his mind.

For instance, GD made it to their sectional Final Last year....Did he place them higher than SJS as they only made it to their section semis???? Any one know?

Again, all respect to all the teams listed,and many who are not AND to every player that put on the gear in CMass this year.

Joe Parello said...

Just made those updates for Westboro and SPM, thanks a bunch for your help. As for the Grafton-Greylock game... I was waiting for them to play a team that could really challenge them :) In all seriousness though, I have a day job and I take time off to cover all the games I cover. I even cover games that BostonLax and ESPN don't ask for just to put them up here. Wish I could get to more games, but it is what it is.