Monday, June 22, 2015

Bob Lobel: The US Open and Brady's Appeal

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

Let's start off with a quick quiz: The phrase pandemonium is-

A. A new cleaning agent that attacks poison gas.
B. A new type of high speed train that runs on a unique fuel made from the dung of a species found only in China or,
C. The name given to really curious people, who do really curious things in really curious places, and lack judgement in the work place. 

Ok, Sandoval, the error machine at third base for the local 9, who seems to unwind in unique ways at unique times. #Panda!

I do enjoy playing golf and watching golf, but this weekend's US OPEN on a course that looks like dirt where you can't see the ball, and played by players who are not easy to recognize on the street? #tiger!

Actually, despite all the faults with the Open (brown greens and no-name players), it became some of the most compelling television we've seen in a while, producing a stunning victory and crushing defeat.

Did Tiger Woods play at all? Other than that, here comes Tuesday. 

A question to be asked is will Brady get 4-2-1 or none? Smart money is on 2, but let's move on to whatever happens in this Brady/NFL version of an Instagram from a lonely guy. 

The real question is not the outcome of the Tuesday meeting and appeal with the air heads, but fast forward to the opening game of the 2015 NFL season. 

Answer me this: Who is more likely to show up, Tom Brady and Roger Goodell? Will Goodell be walking across the field in Foxboro for the league opener? Will he throw out the first ball of the season and will it be properly inflated? Questions and more questions. 

I know nothing about this, but for some reason it seems possible that some unforeseen event will take place between now and then. Wrong? Probably. 

But I am so curious  to see if Rodger makes the opener and is suitably   saluted by the gentle people at Gillette. Rodger the Dodger? Go to hell, Goodell? 

There is a feeling that no matter what happens between Brady and the Commish, it won't make one iota of a difference to the fans. Goodell's legacy has been captured by Instagram somewhere. Pandamonium.

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