Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bob Lobel: I Don't Even Care About the Brady Decision Anymore

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

There comes a point when news becomes old and part of the “who cares” trash. That is where the Brady Ball is for me. 

It just hit me today that I really don’t care anymore what happens. Four games, one fourth of a game, 104 games: It's no longer my problem. Or, I should say, I have reached the point where I have become unattached to whatever the outcome turns out to be. 

I suspect I'm not alone. 

This has brought every would-be lawyer, with a degree or who flunked
out of law school, out of the closet and into the open. The sample size is such that it's about 50/50 right vs wrong. We just don’t know which is which, nor should we care anymore.

Do you really care what the other 31 teams' fan bases think of the New England Patriots? Maybe they announced the decision over the weekend and we just missed it because we were watching the Tiger comeback? Well, the almost Tiger comeback.

Certainly close enough to bring some interest back to golf. Somewhere in some dark smoky room, executives of FedEx and the network are trying to figure out a loophole to give Tiger an automatic invitation to play.

Some long forgotten rule that says past winners are automatically allowed to play forever. Who knows if that rule might exist, because to figure out the point totals and all that goes into it, it is a secret that will never be shared. 

Good, let him in. We all want to see him play and make the impossible comeback, so please give us what we want. Isn't that what television is supposed to do? Back to the preseason because the next game (the third one) is supposed to be more like the regular season than any of the four.   

Plus, I ask you the question that is thrown out there every year; WHY? 

Why a preseason. When a player like Jordy Nelson of the Packers is lost for the season with a knee injury, where is the justification? See what people around here would say if Gronk goes down in game three. 

You know what they would say. You would think that since this just about happens every year to some All Pro in preseason, they would spend some time, energy and money to fix this issue instead of giving their footballs a blow job test. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bob
Yes I do care. I feel like the Patriots are my extended family since I have followed them closely for 50 years. Roger seems arrogant and smug, like he is the King of The world. Plus he's picking on Brady and the Patriots because of the other owners jealousy of them, and the inept way he has handled earlier problems. I'm with TB all the way.