Monday, December 7, 2015

Bob Lobel: Is David Worth the Price?

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

Ok, I'm  confused. 

Though, admittedly, it doesn’t take much. 

The signing of David Price didn’t appear confusing, but why then do I think the Red Sox have moved into a new neighborhood with a pricey address? In fact, it became so pricey that it becomes annoying. Annoying because somebody has to pay for it, and when you pay that much and take it home, it better produce. 

Not just it, but the team around it, that should automatically have all downtrodden fans now believing it has to be a winner. I haven’t read where David Ortiz says it's great that David Price got that money, because he can only be jealous, envious and quietly angry for one more year. 

"I'm gone," he says, probably because he doesn’t think there is any money left. This conjures up that long abused saying of “where is it going to stop?" 

You play once every five days and you get that? Hey, Dombrowski did the absolute right thing, without remorse since he doesn’t really have a personal relationship with any of them, unlike Ben Cherington or Larry Lucchino. 

Did they tell Larry that Dombrowski was coming, and Larry opposed it? Did they tell Larry how much money they were going to pay by saying the sky is the limit? 

I can readily understand the exit of Ben: Too nice, too close, too long to wait for another title, but Larry might have been a little different. 

There is a back story there that will emerge someday. Any Pawtucket with president Charles Steinberg. The pregame shows will be an upgrade in Rhode Island. Will Charles bring Tessie and Sweet Caroline with him? These are the issues facing this last place team as they head into spring training. 

It will be new and interesting, but will it be as exciting as '04 or '13? 

Difficult to match that. 

And a few words about the football team. It must be my imagination, but did the quarterback become a different quarterback the last two weeks?  It felt like a diminished amount of confidence. At least that's what I was looking at.

Yes,  Edelman and Amendola had pictures on the sides of milk cartons. That would create inner panic in any quarterback, no matter the ball pressure. Two games don't make it all wrong. 

Undefeated didn’t make it all right, either. 

We have had experience with both. The answer must lie with the GRONKMONSTER. If he is there, so are the rest of them. If he is not… Trouble. 

So here we go. The two teams that have dragged us 15 years down the line. Thank you one and all for that, but will “just say yes” John Henry and the nodding yes Tom Werner bring home title number four, or last place number four?   

Is David worth the Price? 

Who is, actually? 

Work once every five days? Good work if you can get it, and he did. 

How about those who play every day? Sorry, but the pot is empty at the moment. 

And one more thing: Even though Hanley Rameriz publicly says he wants to come back, it doesn’t mean much of anything to most of the fans who watched his effort last year. 

Many questions, great players, lots of money, and no answers.  

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