Thursday, February 4, 2016

Bob Lobel: Sunday Seems Less than Super

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

Admit it, the spark isn’t there for Sunday. 

It's number 50, but it seems less than super. Maybe  we could increase interest if Donald Trump bought an ad, with his own money of course, to be live on the field for 60 seconds. That’s all the time he needs to make his point. 

He has lots of friends that are athletes, by the way, simply because he  gives them free golf. Nothing wrong with that.

Remember, he hired Flutie top be his quarterback in some league that nobody can remember existed. He loves Brady, and Manning too.

As for the game itself, why are people even picking Denver? That’s crazy. 

Stick with the prop bets, because they are the ones you'll remember. 

Sure, if (sorry, when) Carolina wins, it will be discussed how the Patriots would have been a much better opponent. 

We only have ourselves to blame. 

This is the most criticism that Belichick has ever gotten here.  He is tacitly blamed for being out-coached down the stretch, thus failing to secure home field advantage, and allowing an inferior Denver team to be there. 

Tom Brady will be there, as the inept NFL celebrates the MVPs of all 50  Super Bowls. Hard to understand why people actually didn’t want him to go as a grudge against Goodell. The fact that it's so public, and Goodell will be there for the hug are reasons that Brady needs to go.  How many more times will Goodell point out that the integrity of the game is the main focus here? 

You have got to be kidding. 

Let's not even begin to list what might be wrong with the sports giant. Actually, what's the point? The money keeps right on flowing. The owners must think Goodell is the smartest guy in the room, which automatically makes them the dumbest.  

Back to the big game: Even if the Patriots were there, their fans are   broke trying to follow the team to all their title games. It's expensive being a Patriot fan. Very expensive, at home and on the road.  

As for Peyton's HGH issue, well, there really isn’t one, because HGH is NOT a steroid. 

Actually, when regulated correctly, it may be the best thing around for athletes and non-athletes in the future. 

Of course Manning used it. You would too if it got you back on the field. 

Most fans can't understand why there is a six-hour pregame show. Inventory for commercials and promotional spots for CBS programs that are new and exciting.  

Count the CBS promos vs the commercials. That network promotional time is pretty valuable, and so is yours. So, despite all the negative stuff, I'll be like you: Camped out in front of that set.

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