Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bob Lobel: Revenge and Jealousy in New England

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)


Pretty much a misguided word, since anger and hatred are usually the motives for it. Does this apply to Rodger Goodell in any way? I would have to say yes, from the northeast corner of our world, it appears to. 

Anywhere else: Satisfaction and cheers go with the commissioner. 

Doubtful the rest of the country is anything but thrilled with his order to the Patriots to “stand down” on thinking they could get their number one draft pick back, or anything else left over from the puffed up footballs. 

There  have been moments when the rulings from that office are baffling. This is one of them. Revenge for this, other than personal animus, is only possible by winning in the face of this national jealousy. 

Revenge vs. jealousy. Superman vs Batman.

Here is a solution to two huge problems confronting us: Make Donald Trump the NFL commissioner. 

He can't screw it up any more than the guy he would be replacing. Commissioner Trump sounds a whole lot better than President Trump.     

I'll stop. This is not a political piece, although you probably would think he would be a better commissioner than president. It seems so obvious. 


The almost totally ignored Red Sox will be here soon. They will score runs and they will have runs score against them. Clearly their fortunes depend on the difference between the two. Let's just back off on creating problems. Like, let's leave Hanley to himself, just like the panda's weight. Make them prove they can't play. 

There are others, we are finding out, who can play their positions as well. So let's calm down.  

Almost everybody believes that a mediocre start, or worse, means a  John Farrell early exit. So, is it my imagination, or do most Red Sox fans I hear on talk radio really want him to go? 

There isn’t much "save John Farrell" talk out there. One reason, I guess, is the guy that took over for him last year did a better job, and deserves to be back there. The Farrell situation is complicated.  

A few last place finishes, cancer in remission, a TV reporter relationship… And not tough or emotional enough for the fans to really wrap themselves in his flag. 

For them, it's not if but when. 

And finally, when a flipping bat story leads the news out of Ft. Myers, it's time for the season to begin.

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