Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bob Lobel: Those Sports Stories That Never Die

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

Sometimes you just sit in front of this computer and nothing comes out. 


I plead guilty. 

I'll try this again. Roger Goodell has all but been emasculated… Such a pity.  Incompetence will always reveal itself, present company excluded. So I read in the paper this morning that CBS is unloading the same place that unloaded Scott Wahle, Joyce Kulhawik, yours truly and lots of others. 

It's no coincidence that the dumping came during the 2008, the year of the big short. I understand a lot more now than I did then. For some ego-driven reason, I always thought they valued creative on-air stuff more than money. Ok, I was kinda naive and stupid rolled into one.

So now it's onward. I am in no position to comment on the Red Sox. In some ways, this spring reminds me of Francona's last. They weren’t ready to play major league baseball when they came north. They paid the price: From first to last.

They have great young talent, but there is not enough of it ready to play at the pitcher position. I guess that’s all you need to know. The Celtics have dramatically become one of the best stories around, because of the ridiculous league they play in, the story won't go deep. 

But it has been a positive story. 

Young coach has been terrific, in an NBA sort of way. 

The bruins have awakened as well, but unless Tim Thomas is walking through that door, they won't go so deep either.  

To comment on the Brady thing is useless. 

I was thinking about the five sports stories that have persevered longer on sports radio than anything else. I can list a couple, but help is requested. Deflate thing has been the runaway winner in length, plus ignorance. 

It's still far from over. Buy the time it finishes, the ultimate gas law will have changed. I think the Penn State/Joe Paterno event was talked about for a very long time as well. Thats would give deflate thing a run, but it was salacious, and salacious wins over anything else. 

Then there are stories 3,4, and 5- 

I have no clue as to length. Maybe random Patriots stuff, and maybe random Red Sox stuff. Nothing from the C’s or B’s. Not even close. So, can I come up with three more stories that rival Deflate it and Penn State? 

Well, of course. There was the 2013 season, when the Marathon bombing and the Red Sox became emotionally joined at the hip. Can't leave that one out, but what are the next two? 

Lance Armstrong. What a creep. Ok, I'm done with that. 

I'm trying to break out of my slump, so be patient and please be helpful.  There have to be other stories that went longer than most. Help us remember before new memories clog our brains. 


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