Monday, April 4, 2016

Bob Lobel: Golf's Wasted Potential and Snowy Opening Days

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

I still don’t get it, and I never will. Furthermore, I could care less.

I'm betting most of you reading this are in total agreement with me. How could you not be? We are talking about the… shhh! The FedEx Cup. 

This has to be the worst use of competitive money in the history of sport, unless you count the US men's soccer team. 

There are some out there who think one of the greatest marketing logos is FedEx. The subtlety of the logo is found in the arrow, in plain sight if you know where it is, hard to find if you don’t. It's about the coolest thing if you find someone who doesn’t know where it is in the logo, but it's even more rare to find someone who can explain the workings of the FedEx Cup, and why we should care. 

Sure, it's about money. So is USA soccer, which is about the dumbest of all professional inequities. They are just plain ignorant to what the women mean to the casual USA soccer fan.

Everything, actually! 

Back to the FedEx Cup, which is promoted every week on the PGA telecast with a mix and match of points and standings that no one I know can explain. I can actually say, in all truthfulness, that I have never had a conversation with anyone about the FedEx Cup. It's not like you sit down in a diner over breakfast and turn the person sitting next to you and you say, “what do you think about this week's FedEx Cup standings?” 

Prepare to eat alone. 

And while we are, at this very moment, about to start the baseball season, how is it still possible that schedule makers put early April games north of the Mason-Dixon line? At least if you get snowed out below it, you tried to do the right thing. Starting the season in Cleveland, or Pittsburgh, or you know where is like saying Donald Trump should be the new commissioner.

And yes, the money on the bench is proof the locals have the money, and will not hesitate to spend it. A noble management position to take, unless you do stupid things with it.   

Trying to understand why Sandoval and Castillo were give the keys to the vault is like trying to explain the FedEx Cup, or trying to understand why every year the season begins in cities where global warming is only a dream. 

Again, without political malice, those questions are right up there with asking how Donald Trump can be a heartbeat away from the Oval Office. This is a strange time of the year, so be careful when you sit down for breakfast in that diner. 

There are no topics I brought up here worth even mentioning, so for your own sake, just keep them to yourself.

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