Friday, April 4, 2014

March Mascot Melee™: The Elite Eight Part Two

Ladies, calm down. I'll be here until Ragnarok.
By Joe Parello (@HerewegoJoe)

We're running a little bit behind in our mascot tournament, but we finally made it through the Suite 16 and Jeremy gave is the first half of the Elite Eight earlier today, featuring the finals of the NBA and NHL bracket.

Now, let's get down to the nitty gritty. I will handle the finals from the NFL and MLB brackets, completing our Final Four and getting you ready for the actual games taking place this weekend.

Here's what our bracket looks like at the moment.

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Now, onto our match ups.

NFL Bracket Final: 

1. Tennessee Titans vs 6. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have been the biggest surprise for me thus far (and I picked them in all their wins, so that's like a double surprise). Clearly, this vicious group of seafaring Norse folk have been tougher than anyone anticipated, but can they take out actual gods?

Well, the Vikings did create their own gods, but unlike giants (whom they defeated in the Suite 16), those gods were ultimately their undoing, as they ended the world with a giant battle royal known as Ragnarok.

On Ragnarok Thor, Loki and all the other Norse gods that didn't make it into "The Avengers," fight each other and eventually sink the world into the sea, ending all life.

What's an even bigger bummer is, according to Norse myth, Ragnarok has already begun! That's right, it began on February 22nd of this year, but I'll forgive you if you missed Loki's wolf son escaping from prison, or a giant snake popping out of the ocean.

So, that means Vikings didn't even last until their own end of the world! What a letdown. And their gods ended it all for them, so I don't see why the Titans can't end this tournament for them as well.

Winner: Titans

MLB Bracket Final: 

2. Los Angeles Angels vs 5. Pittsburgh Pirates

Pirates aren't exactly the most religious folk, though they are superstitious. Still, they wouldn't just bow out to the angels, as the Texas Rangers did last round.

This one would, unfortunately, end up being a slaughter though. As tough and feisty as pirates can be on the high seas, their Earthly weapons would likely have no effect on actual angels.

These heavenly servants wouldn't enjoy it, but they'd absolutely wreck the pirates.

Winner: Angels

And so, here's what our bracket looks like heading into the Final Four:

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