Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bob Lobel: The Red Sox Season Mercifully Coming to a Close

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

The magic number is into single digits. 

It has to be…

I really don’t know what it is, but believe me, “it is!” probably in single digits since labor day. Oh well, it's not what we actually thought we were getting as a baseball team. It was ca-ca. There are streaming lights of sun, however, that are in the home team uniforms. 

For instance, there was Mookie Betts and Rusney Castillo. Travis Shaw and Blake Swihart, plus the jackpot. That jackpot is Jackie Bradley Jr.  

There is so much talent, but very little is located in the bullpen. More work for Dave Dombrowski. Oh, pardon me, but I need to ask an important question. Have you  ever seen Dombrowski in the same place as Mr. Rodgers?   I mean really! 

There are a few strays on the staff. It looked like Ron Hill has a story like Daniel Bard, only in reverse. The big play of the summer triggered the second big play. Transparency rules the day. Number one, we never used a word like the big "T-word" that seems to be cool for anyone to say. Ok, for the big play of the  summer, it's the departure of Larry Lucchino. 

I often maintained that the minute Lucchino leaves is when the ball club starts spinning out of control, more in the front office than on the field of play. 

When Larry left there was a void to filled in the former trio, so the ever alert Tom Werner, who also has been heard leading ball club chants (let's go Red Sox), saw the opportunity (he actually may have caused it) and seized the power, and did something executive for the first time in this  summer of discontent. 

Werner just added to the anger and the increasing gap between fan and team.  What did he do? Ask Don Orsillo. 

Did Tom know about the connection in town when it comes to fans and their announcers? Of course not. 

There seems to be nothing possible. Who makes the big decisions? John Henry a few months ago claimed “Larry runs the Red Sox!" 

Well, he did run them. 

That may be a huge story that no one will break their omerta.   

Kinda resembles the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum. It Did seem to me that running the Red Sox became less of a priority than their other interests.  Let's not forget the side we butter our bread.

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