Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bob Lobel: Time to Relegate the Bruins

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

Now, this about your Boston Bruins.

If they were in the English Premier League, they wouldn’t be around long. It's not easy to miss the playoffs three years in a row in the National Hockey League. Heck, it's not easy missing the playoffs at all in the National Hockey League.

Usually, any early season wins would guarantee a spot, but not for these editions of the black and gold. They have been an embarrassment to the tradition of this favorite son franchise in this great northeast home of champions.

Back to the Premier League.

The bottom 3 teams drop out each year and the top three teams in a lower league move up. By now, they would have been mired at some level reserved for the worst of the worst. Somewhere in the world of League One or League Two, trying to fight their way up to the equivalent status of Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea or even Liverpool.

At this rate, it's anything but the premier level. You have to be good to get there.

Not making the NHL playoffs three years in a row is an embarrassment of biblical proportions, and can be traced right back to top management trying to live off a miracle Stanley Cup that seems so long ago, it's hard to remember. Where is Tim Thomas anyway? Seriously, where is he? Will he be at the White House this year? I suppose anything is possible.

Everyone else that you never thought would be there has made it to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.   

It brings to mind the thought that it seems much more difficult to get into the Baseball Hall of Fame than it is the oval office. No one said it was fair.

And now the Sox embark on another quest that seems to be ho hum at the moment. To open at Fenway against a National League team on the third of April seems so inappropriate it's not funny. How cold do you think it might be on April 3rd and against arch rival Pittsburgh? Whaaat?

So many screwy things are going on it seems we live on a different planet. That would explain a lot of things. A lot of things, except the Bruins finishing out of the playoffs for three years in a row.

Unexplainable, unforgivable, and almost impossible.

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