Monday, February 3, 2014

Bob Lobel: A Super Letdown

By Bob Lobel  @boblobel

Never has so much been made about so little. 

Let that be the tag line to describe, for future generations, what Super Bowl XLVIII was all about. In the third quarter I wanted the people that came over to just go home. 

Was that so wrong? I was just living up to my wife’s opinion that I am one of the most anti-social human beings on the planet. Ok, last night I was. Not rude, just unsocial. 

I loved a commercial that I’m sure most people didn’t see. It was by accident when I went from football to golf just to check it out. On came the Dale Duck Call. Find it. Watch it. Thank me later. 

Loved the yogurt drop by Stamos. Would have voted the Man, Truck, Bull, Cow deal as number one.  Tried not to cry during the “I’m coming home” Bud commercial and the dog and pony connection. What was Danica Patrick thinking?  Actually, talking about the ad spots makes the three hours we can never get back a little easier to take. 

The only thing worse would have been to pay all that money, fight the traffic, the lines, the security  and insufferable fans to watch it all in person. Then you would over pay for memorabilia at the game only to find whatever you bought for half price back at your hotel which, by the way, took you two hours to get back to, only to find out your flight was cancelled Monday morning because of the weather the NFL escaped!

Sounds like the way to spend a weekend to me! Peyton Manning possibly had a better time than anyone that fits the above description. He did suck. They all did. The only thing in orange that shouted “champion” was the Gatorade poured on Pete Carroll.

Why can't we get coaches like that? Kidding! 

Actually, a fan tweeted me that Robert Kraft has hired two coaches since buying the team and they have won four Super Bowls between them. 

Orthwein hired Parcells, in case you were thinking about that. I don’t get the Pete Carroll success since we have been schooled by the surly manner of Bill Belichick as the only way to win. 

Apparently, it isn’t. 

Ok, now what? I say bring on the Olympics, spring training, Jenny Dell (oh, I forgot), and the NHL playoffs. And remember this, comparing truly great players like Brady and Manning with the “who is better” question, has no right answer! 

Whether it was Brady or Manning playing Seattle in XLVIII, they still would have lost.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your thoughts and yes it was an aweful display. The good thing for me is my team was not playing so I socialized more. One more point, why is it that the media makes such a big deal about Peyton making his own calls but now that they lost the game, the coach was out coached. It can't be!! What gives?

Enjoy your articles!!