Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bob Lobel: A Loss of Olympic Proportions

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

There was a ridiculous question floating out there yesterday, suggesting it would be possible to find a scenario to actually fire Bill Belichick! 

Hey, it's possible. Anyone could get the axe. In this case the deed would have to be extremely egregious. It seems it would have to be a vile act of lawlessness outside the purview of football. Yes, he is hated by everyone everywhere, except here.  

Jealousy and envy have a long reach. This question about BB getting a pink slip is ridiculous, but for one exception, in my opinion:  He would have had to be coaching the Green Bay Packers Sunday. 

That was a coach killer. No argument here. In my opinion, again, the championship game is the most important game of the year. Yes, more important than the Super Bowl. 

Getting to February while still wearing your uniform is icing on the cake. 

As far as the Packer disaster goes, no cake for them!  Seattle was the beneficiary of the sideline blunder by the Pack. No more needs to be said… Packer fans cannot possibly have a happy place to go to today. Enough. 

There will plenty of talk about the two teams still playing in February in Arizona, including stupid things like deflating footballs. Really? 

I would like to fast forward to 2024, the year of Boston's potential Olympic bid. Here is the key thing to understand and remember: We won the contest we entered. We (Boston and vicinity) defeated the other world class cities within our borders. We won! Now let's walk away with our head held high.

Take the win and move on. 

I am betting that in the quick nine years between now and 2024, the world will not be a safer place. Big events belong in places that need big events. We do not need an event of that magnitude. Please convince me this event will elevate our self-worth and esteem worthy of the challenges and financial issues that will inevitably arise. 

This is not an event for the masses. This is an event for the well heeled and those seeking immortality.  Let that pursuit be the goal of each and every competitor, but hey, we started the country! 

In my opinion that’s good enough, and guess what? We'll always have that.

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