Saturday, July 4, 2015

SuiteSports Salutes America

America is the best damn country in the world!

We all know this to be true. I mean, few of us have lived anywhere else to compare, yet we couldn't be surer about the fact that the USA is number one.

So on this great day of Independence, Freedom, Fireworks, Hot Dogs, Beer and noble speeches, we at SuiteSports would like to salute America, the greatest country (we've ever lived in) on Earth!

American History Told Through Sports Rivalries

Re-learn your American history as editor Joe Parello explains it through current American sports rivalries. Sure, the Cowboys vs the Redskins is an easy (and offensive) one, but dig a little deeper into the history of our great country with the San Francisco Giants vs LA Dodgers, and Notre Dame against Boston College.

The Greatest American Sports Figures

Editors Jeremy Conlin and Joe Parello, along with Boston sportscasting legend Bob Lobel, resident stat guru Adam Lowenstein and contributor Bennett Corcoran come together to name their greatest American sports figures.

From civil rights activists, to war heroes, to shoe icons, to Olympic legends and, of course, professional wrestlers, these guys were certainly All-American.

America vs The World

America vs Germany
America vs Belgium
America vs Japan

Ok, so it's really just America vs three different nations we played in the World Cup (two in last summer's men's WC, and one for tomorrow's women's final), but what's better than hearing why America is better than a bunch of other countries? Nothing, of course.

Editor Joe Parello lets you know why, even though we lost to them on the pitch, America is objectively better than Germany and Belgium, and why tomorrow's outcome will not affect the USA's clear superiority over Japan.

Soccer Shows America It Isn't Special… And That's Ok

Our final soccer piece from last summer's World Cup. This is, obviously, a ridiculous headline, because America is totally special. But bear with us here, because the story is about America's place in the soccer world, not everywhere else where we are clearly the best (except for education, health care, quality of life, upward social mobility, etc).

It also refutes conservative pundit Ann Coulter's asinine argument that America should hate soccer because it requires teamwork, is "girly" and popular among foreigners.

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