Monday, January 20, 2014

Bob Lobel: Belichick Grasping for Straws With His Welker Allegation

 By Bob Lobel  @boblobel

There is no doubt that Mr. Bill is all knowing when it comes to what he does. 

I can’t imagine ever challenging him on anything about football. To me, the stupid Spygate thing was akin to jaywalking. Never was, and never will be a big deal. Yesterday was the first time I ever really saw him whiff on anything football related. 

Maybe Cleveland Browns fans will throw gasoline on this fire, but when he said the Welker hit on Talib was one of the worst he has ever seen, I say “whoa there, Mr. Bill.” 

It’s doubtful that any coach has dealt with as much frustration as Belichick this season, starting with the Aaron Hernandez perp walk that sent the community into a stunned state. Granted, it’s difficult to lose a big game, but this is now four big games in four different seasons, and maybe more. 

It’s exacerbated when it’s here in New England. As I am fond of pointing out, when you lose in San Diego, you wake up the next day in San Diego. Here we have a “winter storm warning.”

That really sucks when your team is over and done, and your coach and quarterback, whom we all have loved, admired, worshipped and coveted, may never get to a Super Bowl together again. Well, unless they get tickets or go into the Hall of Fame together.

I hate that thought. 

Being a sports fan can be cruel, and there wasn’t a whole lot of hope in beating Denver Sunday. Now that’s especially cruel. 

Wes Welker took many hits here in New England that were far worse that what he dealt to Talib on Sunday. So whatever this personal vendetta is between Mr. Bill and Welker, it should have stayed between them.

Then, for him to say the league will deal with any punishment was like putting a gun to the NFL's head to do something that Welker clearly doesn’t deserve. Enough of that!  

It was a season of lawyers, guns, and money. Time to move on from a record built on games they should have won and should have lost. It was that kind of year. 

As my long time friend and radio partner Upton Bell said about the Richard Sherman tirade, “it’s all about the new punk image of the NFL.” So we move on to New Jersey in two weeks.

Am I the only one rooting for the mother of all nor’easters?

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Anonymous said...

Hoping for chaos. Great article Bob, as usual. Thank you.